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How to Maintance & Care?

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Maintance & Care

Because of the excellent performance ,The WPC products is normally don’t need the special treatment andmaintance, such as the OiL painted, rusty-resistance coating . The color will be fade very slowly, and the it will become more and more like nature wood color.As below , There several detail guide for the maintance. They just as your referance. The WPC sereis products will never as a trouble for you. Pls rest assured and enjoying your life with freely.

The painting suggestion

BAREFOOT wood composite products can be painted or stained. BAREFOOT does not recommend painting and can not guarantee the performance of anything applied to the product.

How to clean the dirty coverd?

If the deck is dirtyed, it just need a soft brush ,and some water and the eradicator ,Firstly, put the water and eradicator together on the dirty place, and then brush the deck plank.

The fade problem

During the weathering process, a small amount of surface pigmentation may wash off of the coowinwood surface, which may discolor neighboring surfaces. Pls take it easy, that is just a normal fade phenomenon.

How to get rid of the Ice and Snow
When in the snow and ice whether, We can use the Calcium chloride or rock salt, available in many home centers, will melt ice on coowinwood decking.

How to make the defective Restoration?
We recommend sanding the finish of the surface. After sanding , some of the plank will reback to the original appearance

How to due with the Rust Stains, Ground-In Dirt and Grime
You can use a cleaning product containing oxalic or phosphoric acid base to lighten or remove the rust or dirt.

The problem of Oil and Grease Stains
Scrub in a household-degreasing agent as soon as the stain occurs. Rinse with hot water.

How to treat the Scratches, Nicks, Cuts and Grooves?

Scratches, nicks, cuts and grooves can be eliminated by using a wire brush. Brushing will need to be consistent with the grain of the product and the brushed area will weather back in approximately 8-10 weeks.

Surface scratches and abrasions on these planks will fade after weathering. Once they have fully weathered, they are more resistant to visible scratching

For deeper scratches a soldering iron can be used. By applying heat to the scratch with a soldering iron, the damaged area will be less visible.